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Press for Farmer’s Corner:

“This is not the Wand record to spin while you do the chores, but it is, however, the one you might spin when you’re looking for reasons to keep on living. Aside from ‘Dambuilding’, a deceptively lovely tale of suicide, his songwriting stance is of shrugging off dread and finding meaning, be it spiritual, natural or chemical. Fading memories, intemperate moments, glimpses of unmade beds and daytime moons–they’re all grist for lyrical flights bent on banishing the blues.” –Bill Meyer, The Wire

“In the end Farmer’s Corner sounds like a long-forgotten private-press album of loner folk and Deadhead love songs lost in the alleys of time. Toth’s gift for songwriting gives emotional resonance to the album’s softly lit, somewhat dazed ambience, and the result is one of the more interesting chapters of Wooden Wand’s always twisting oeuvre. –Fred Thomas, 4.5/5

Farmer’s Corner doesn’t jostle for your attention, preferring to let its warm woody magic seep into your tired country soul.” -Lee Fisher, NARC 5/5

“One to file alongside Second Attention (2006) in Toth’s vast and increasingly noteworthy catalogue of cliché-free Americana.” -John Mulvey, Uncut 8/10

“As its title suggests, Farmer’s Corner is an album about labor and its rewards, about wanderlust and rootlessness, about memory and regret, yet for most of its fifty minutes, its mood is affable and laidback—as though Toth wants to make it all look easy. -Stephen M. Deusner, Pitchfork, 7.6

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